800 North Road | Hopewell, NJ 08534 | 609-566-6000 | info@laurelschoolprinceton.org
800 North Road | Hopewell, NJ 08534 | 609-566-6000 | info@laurelschoolprinceton.org


A Laurel Education

Our highly trained teachers specialize in educating children with learning differences in grades 1-8. We integrate technology and multisensory education in small classroom environments to meet your child’s needs.

The Laurel School of Princeton’s curriculum is a comprehensive program that parallels the scope and sequence of many public and independent schools. We base our program on New Jersey Core Content as well as our proprietary standards and incorporate Orton-Gillingham / Wilson Language©  instruction and techniques throughout. Our expertly trained teachers view each child individually, recognizing strengths and talents as well as academic level, attention needs, and other challenges. Our teachers are highly experienced and use evidence-based instruction, incorporating knowledge about learning and the brain.

Our faculty understands that it is critical to intervene early when children have reading and writing challenges. Doing so takes advantage of the powerful “neuroplasticity” of the brain and provides a strong foundation for learning. This helps build a path for later academic success in middle and high school.

All About Our Academics

Our core curriculum includes the language arts, mathematics, science, the arts, and health/ physical education.


The language arts component utilizes the Orton-Gillingham and Wilson Reading programs every day to help children improve their reading comprehension and writing. In addition, we use other multisensory programs to keep students engaged and learning.


The math curriculum is primarily comprised of the five areas recommended by the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics. They include: Numerical Operations, Geometry and Measurement, Patterns & Algebra, Data Analysis, and Probability & Mathematical Processes. Similar to the language arts program, we use a multisensory approach.


The science program at The Laurel School of Princeton is in alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). This approach focuses on the three dimensions of crosscutting concepts, science and engineering practices, and disciplinary core ideas.


The arts curriculum takes a comprehensive approach to teaching children about visual and performing arts. The Visual Arts program explores different materials and media, as well as art history. Music at Laurel School focuses on instrumental and vocal music as well as music across cultures. Students have the opportunity for musical and theatrical expression and performance throughout the year. We seek to help our students reach their artistic potential with hands-on learning.

Why Choose The Laurel School of Princeton?

Our teachers have years of experience teaching children with learning differences and are certified to instruct using the Orton-Gillingham and Wilson Reading Programs. When it comes to math and science instruction, they use a multisensory and inquiry-based approach. At The Laurel School of Princeton, we use technology whenever possible to keep students connected and learning. We are leaders in leveraging the unique strengths of our students.  For example, we provide them with a Maker Space to develop their material reasoning and are the first school in New Jersey to offer three courses of the NoticeAbility curriculum, a program specifically designed to leverage the talents of dyslexic children.  Outstanding Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy Services are also available for an additional fee. Please contact Admissions to find out how to enroll your child.

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