800 North Road | Hopewell, NJ 08534 | 609-566-6000 | info@laurelschoolprinceton.org
800 North Road | Hopewell, NJ 08534 | 609-566-6000 | info@laurelschoolprinceton.org

Technology and Photography

Interactive Technology and Photography Curriculum

Our technology classes allow out students to show their creative side with the use of our 3D printers, computers and cameras. 

Technology is provided twice a week, our students have access to Apple computers, Chromebooks, iPads,  and other appropriate technologies. Each student has a laptop in order to take full advantage of assistive technology programs used in the classroom. The use of assistive technology programs, which are continually updated, allows students to have access to information that is cognitively appropriate but may not be easily decode. The students also have access to 3D printing. In the spring, the students create board games and present them to out parents during Gamer Con. 


Digital Citizenship- Learning to make sense of knowledge in the 21st century means that students must be able to use and evaluate appropriate digital tools and resources. Laurel recognizes that healthy, productive use of communication tools and digital devices must be taught and supported. We engage in thoughtful discussions and utilize the Commonsense Media curriculum, so students learn what it means to be responsible online, and how to develop a positive image of themselves throughout the internet.


Photography- This course introduces students to the basics of photography, including camera functions,  photo composition and the history of photography. Students will learn what it takes to create a good photograph and how to improve photographs. Students will create a portfolio each semester of their work. 

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