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“Thank you so much for an amazing year.  We met when we were at our lowest point, but from the beginning you have made us both believe it would only get better.  I am so happy to report that you were right.  Our child loves school for the first time… and this happiness is contagious.  We look forward to next year.”

– Family of student at Laurel School


“We are simply AMAZED at the level of improvement we have seen in our child this year at Laurel School.  For the first time, our child is using the strategies being taught to decode and spell words.  He is beginning to see that he CAN learn to spell and sound out new words, and this has increased his level of confidence and his willingness to learn.  We love that he isn’t getting pulled out of another class to receive OG instruction…every student gets one hour of OG based instruction every day here!”

“We have also noticed a marked increase in his inquisitiveness and desire to explore his areas of strength.  We credit Laurel School for this because not only do they provide a nurturing, but rigorous school experience, they also respect, encourage, and guide the students toward exploration of the areas where they will be successful.  Additionally, the science program at Laurel School has ignited our child’s passion for this subject.  He is doing experiments, looking at things under the microscope, learning about density and mass…and he is LOVING it all!”

“Our son is performing experiments at home to check his ‘hypotheses’ about things in his world, and he is starting to “write” a fiction novel, in his head, that we are helping him record for future revisions.   He is asking questions about what is being read in class, and wanting to know the meaning of new words.   Laurel School is stimulating his mind, and providing an environment where he is thriving. Thank you, Laurel School!”

– Parent of student at Laurel School


“Last night, for the first time in her life, my daughter was happy with a book on her lap!! Her reading was fluent and amazingly as she read to me, I watched her mood shift from shaky to confident. She is starting to realize, I can do this! It was like watching a baby take those first steps. To top it off when she was done reading and skipping away from me, she turned to say, ‘That was fun!’ In awe I watched her silently as those three small words lingered in the air with tears of joy in my eyes!”

– An Appreciative Mom!


“My son seems much less stressed this school year, and has confidence I’ve not seen before.”

– A Proud Father


“My son told me, “I love going to school, and I can’t believe I’m saying that.”

– A Happy Parent

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