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Individualized Written Expression Program in Central Jersey

Learning differences can require a different approach to mastering important writing and language arts skills. To succeed, students must be able to construct meaningful sentences that are grammatically correct and organize them into a cohesive sequence to make the content clear. Students with dysgraphia may experience challenges with these skills in a traditional learning setting. At The Laurel School of Princeton, students receive the instruction and support they need to learn effectively.

Writing Program

Early intervention is a key to addressing dysgraphia so that every child can succeed and thrive.

Students with Dysgraphia

Dysgraphia involves the writing process and written expression. A child may struggle with the mechanics of holding a pencil and the process of transferring thoughts and ideas to a written or typed format. From fine motor challenges to cognitive processes such as remembering spelling and grammar rules, dysgraphia presents significant challenges with written language. Symptoms of dysgraphia are common, especially amongst younger children learning to write, but they are less well known than the symptoms of dyslexia, which involves difficulties with reading.

Overview of the Writing Program

Our writing program is designed to fit the needs of individual students. Starting with the most basic processes such as constructing simple sentences, the program moves carefully through a curriculum that includes grammar, spelling, and other important elements. Additionally, student schedules include time each day to engage in language arts studies.

Benefits for Students with Dysgraphia

At The Laurel School of Princeton, educators use foundational practices that begin with the most basic elements of written language and add to these building blocks only as each student progresses. This approach ensures that students with dysgraphia learning differences receive the support they need to gain skills at their own pace.

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